The Three French Hens are a group of, you’ve guessed it–three cooks! Here’s a little bit more about us.

A Little About Tammy:


France became my home when I was four years old and I lived there many years of my childhood. Although I’ve called several places “home” since then, that lovely country still claims a corner of my heart. I’m a happy wife, proud mom to three, and doting grandmother to one amazingly brilliant and darling grandson. Yep, he stole my heart! Cooking is a passion and combining it with all things French makes my heart happy.

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A Little About Christy:


Food enthusiast, wine aficionado, Food & Cooking channel fanatic, cookbook bibliomaniac, and banker by day who suffers from an incurable case of culinary wanderlust. Creator of “Confessions of a Culinary Diva” where experiences in food, travel and wine are broken down for the home cook and traveler.

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A Little About Emily: 

3FrenchHensContact-Emily400-WRaised by Tammy, wife of an engineer-by-day/aspiring entrepreneur-by-night, mama of one gorgeous son and a sweet babe joining us in 2016. At my house we get really excited about things like baby teeth, diapers without poop in them, full nights of sleep, new episodes of Drunk History, and fresh bottles. Of whiskey. Also, when our nearly-renovated house is clean (which happens never) and going on big trips. Cooking is therapy for me, and one of my favorite ways to do it is with my mom doing our “kitchen dance.” Also because I get to use her kitchen toys, which are cooler than mine.

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