Welcome to Weekends In a French Kitchen!

We are a group of three women, all avid home cooks, winophiles, and French-at-heart. As of 2015 we have joined forces to cook through every recipe in particular French cookbooks that catch our fancy, one book at a time. We’re hoping you’re interested in cooking along with us! In this challenge we’ll learn new techniques, practice existing ones, and enjoy both classic and unique dishes from the most revered cuisine in the world.

Because we’re wonderfully ambitious, we began this project in July 2015 with two books. We were cooking through Cafe Boulud Cookbook by Daniel Boulud & Dorie Greenspan as well as A Kitchen In France: A Year Of Cooking In My Farmhouse by Mimi Thorisson. While we certainly were learning a lot and enjoying a healthy amount of French food, we found that that was an awful lot of cooking and blog posting to do in addition to, you know, life. So to create a more laid-back experience for ourselves and for our group members, in November 2015 we jumped down to doing a single book at a time and we continue on with Mimi’s book, the remarkably home cook friendly A Kitchen In France. It’s a gorgeous cookbook with a good mix of simple and stretching recipes, all of which are tasty and accessible. We’d love it if you’d join us!

Welcome, and bon appetit!

Tammy, Christy, & Emily