LYL | Artichoke Souffle

LYL-MIMI-400WWe made this for our Easter dinner and it was a lovely accompaniment! I look forward to reading about your experience with this dish.


6 thoughts on “LYL | Artichoke Souffle

  1. Right out of the oven this was that unique melt in your mouth egg; the artichoke made it wonderful. I loved the pic Mimi had in her book having done it in a cast iron dutch oven, so that was how I portioned as well….I love cast iron for certain things. I do regret not having tripled the batch size so it would pop over the top of my dutch oven, but it was yummy. Next time I’ll do a larger batch than wha t I did.



  2. Oh my goodness! This was such a delicious dish! I served it at a dinner party tonight and it just tasted like Spring! The only trouble is that I did not snap a single picture of those beautiful soufflés once they were out of the oven. I’ll post a link in the next day or so.


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