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TNT | Salted-Butter Creme Caramel


Happy Monday, cooks! Who has made the Salted Butter Creme Caramel already? Any tips or preferences for those yet to embark on this one? Share below!

When we made this last weekend we noticed that the recipe didn’t include instructions on what to do with the gelatin after mixing it with the water. Just an editing oversight, I’m sure, so we added it at the very end. It was already really set up in the bowl, so it helped that the milk was still warm to help loosen it up and incorporate it into the rest of the mixture. Any other solutions out there?


One thought on “TNT | Salted-Butter Creme Caramel

  1. We made this last weekend. In my opinion it was just okay…I’d prefer a classic creme brûlée any day, but that’s just me! I’m also partial to Dorie Greenspan’s methods for caramel sauces. This one ended up hardening quite a bit. But the combination of flavours was great!


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