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LYL | Sarah Bernhardt Cakes


Such darling little sweets we got to enjoy this week. Who doesn’t love a good cake?! Leave your thoughts on this recipe in the comments below, along with your blog link if you’re so inclined. (But seriously, do leave a blog link if you have one…we want to see photos of your adventures!)


6 thoughts on “LYL | Sarah Bernhardt Cakes

    1. Ah, love your pic….GREAT table cloth….and the flower….what a great pic….! I could not expand your pic…one you dipped….the other cake, did you dust w/powdered sugar? Anyway, looks elegant. Sure, hot tea would go great w/this….your tea looks good and a fun cup/saucer. Next time I am making these much smaller….I only had 2 of these and I am stuffed.


  1. These were great….nice, rich, and the hit of espresso powder just balanced the flavors perfectly. Man oh man these were rich….sooo rich. Great w/a cup of coffee, or my wife would say….MILK. As a footnote, my wife hates coffee. I am always trying to see what marginal amount of coffee she can enjoy in a recipe as a background flavor and not detect….hard to get one by her, but she loved these a lot and still doesn’t know they contained coffee. So that is the litmus test…….passed! I did sub the raw egg yolks with 4 T. olive oil as I like to avoid raw egg even if pasteurized. We will make these again for sure.



    1. That’s so funny about sneaking the coffee in and waiting to see if your wife notices. I wondered if my youngest son (and only non-coffee drinking member of my family) would protest the coffee flavor, but he didn’t seem to be upset by it! He ate a few and gave me the thumbs up. 🙂 Interesting about subbing the olive oil for the egg yolks. Great idea.


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