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LYL | Braised Shanghainese Hong Shao Pork


Happy Valentine’s Day! What are your thoughts on this dish? Was it a hit at your house? Leave your thoughts and/or a link to your blog post in the comments below. Excited to see and hear how everyone enjoyed it! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!


7 thoughts on “LYL | Braised Shanghainese Hong Shao Pork

  1. What a yummy dish….snow here, so kind of comfort flavors/textures too. I did use pork loin as my meat and cut into thick boneless chops. To get the texture I wanted I did use a pressure cooker. Brown rice was handy, so I happened to use that, though I love all kinds of rice. I was in a hurry, or I’d have allowed juices to reduce longer to caramelize a bit more. Hope everyone had a fun Valentine’s Day in the kitchen today preparing for your cupid-match.


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    1. Cindy, your pic looks like such a nice generous portion. Looks great. Those eggs….I guess I’m gonna have to just go back and try those, they look so interesting; I cook w/some teas but I don’t eat eggs much…..must try. They are beautiful.


      1. Thanks Steve. Yes, those eggs are fun and beautiful. I had never cooked with tea. Interestingly, I had a pastry this morning with figs that had been soaked in black tea….it was really good. Now, I’m curious what else would be good cooked in tea?!


  2. If you make a concentrate of tea it is a nice marinade for chicken or whitefish. If you grind loose leaf tea to an easy texture it makes a great dry rub for chicken, pork, beef.


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