Welcome to our new home! We’re so excited to be at this site! We’re loving the clean, more sophisticated look and the new layout, and we hope you are too.

As I said here, we’ll be posting on both our former site and this site until Friday, November 27. Make sure to change your bookmark and any link-backs to the WIFK site that you typically slide into your blog posts.

Now, onto further changes! This month, as stated in the previous Change Is In The Air post, we’ve jumped down to cooking through only one cookbook instead of two. Two was too much. We’re carrying on with Mimi’s cookbook because it’s so home cook friendly, and so far we’ve gotten only great feedback about it from participants! If you’d like to let us know your opinion, either for or against, we’d truly love to hear it!

Also, from now on you’ll notice on our Recipe Schedule that the last week of each month will read “Cook Choice.” This is a week you can use to post anything France-related. It could be an original French cuisine-inspired recipe you’ve created, a recipe from another French cookbook you have (the three of us each own several!) or a blog (we obviously recommend Mimi’s), a story from a trip you took to France or a recent run-in with a Frenchman or fellow Francophile, or even (Emily’s favorite) a catch-up week where you post a recipe that was previously on our schedule that you just couldn’t get to before now. You’re the cook, which makes it your choice! However, if you’re cooking a recipe that’s not your own, we do want to remind you to respect the chefs whose dishes you are cooking and only include the actual recipe on your blog if it has been published elsewhere online by the chef themselves (on their personal blog, on a news site, or any other such place). If it’s been posted you can find it with a quick internet search. It’s actually kinda illegal to post it on your own blog otherwise. So…don’t do that.

On that “posting” note, we also want to make it very clear that we love having non-bloggers join us! Unfortunately that’s not been crystal clear from the beginning. While it’s fun to see the posts about the recipes we’ve made, if you’re a non-blogger wanting to take on this cooking challenge, you are SO VERY WELCOME HERE! Just check in at this site to follow along with the recipe schedule, to see the Tips n Tricks posts, and to join in our conversations! We’re so glad you’re cooking with us!

We’ve done away with the Atlas page from our previous site, as well as the Join page/form. This is an informal group and we have no need to keep tabs on everybody. Y’all should feel free to come and go as you please. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to communicate and virtually hang out with everybody! We like you! We care about you! We have a fun facebook group that we’re really enjoying, and if you aren’t enjoying it yet too, you should join us over there.

Our recipe schedule will still be posted two months at a time (current and following month) for ease of planning, and will be posted by the first of the month each month. So on December 1, you can expect to see the Recipe Schedule page and the sidebar to the right updated to reflect the December and January schedules.

Our About and Guidelines & FAQs pages have been revised and updated to reflect all of these changes, so head there anytime you have questions (especially the Guidelines & FAQs). If that doesn’t help answer your question/quell your confusion, feel free to email any of the three of us. Our information can be found on the Contact page.

We’re so thankful you’ve stuck with us as we learn how to lead an online group. All three of us are enjoying this process and we’re excited to march on with greater clarity and a renewed excitement!

Merci et bon appétit!

Christy, Tammy, and Emily


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