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Change Is In The Air

We Chicks and our Chickadee have been contemplating the way things are going ’round these parts. We find it interesting that most weekends, the same three or four people are posting and we wonder why no more of you are participating.

We’ve thought that it could be that our format is too confusing. It’s also possible that our members aren’t fully engaged with one another and we know that is a hard thing to achieve on the internet. Furthermore, we recognize that as Admins, we haven’t always been representational as to how we expect the members of this group to post and engage.

The guidelines of this group are clearly stated HERE, but we as Admins can change those at any time. And that time is now as we sense that after the first few months, a few tweaks need to be made.

We have come to the conclusion that cooking through TWO books at one time is too much–even for those of us who are overzealous in the kitchen! The goal in starting this group was to have like-minded people across the globe cooking fabulous French food each week for our families. However, keeping up with two cookbooks, other kitchen experiments, family schedules, and life in general has shown us that we perhaps bit off more than we can chew. It isn’t easy to admit that since we all love cooking. But life happens, right?

Since we want to cook through a book that is appropos to our daily lives, has fairly easy-to-acquire ingredients (or easily substituted), and seems geared toward family life, we are going to move forward with Mimi’s book, A Kitchen in France, and forego cooking through Daniel’s in a formal way.

We’ll also have one Cook’s Choice weekend a month rather than only having them on the fifth weeks of the random months in which they fall. That means that one week a month, you can cook whatever you want from whatever French cookbook you want and post it for us all to drool over. That also means that if you want to cook from Daniel’s cookbook and post it, we’ll drool over that as well. For that matter, you can recount a French travel experience, be a French restaurant critic, or expound on the deliciousness of French wine. It’s YOUR choice!

Thank you for sticking by us as we figure out this whole online-cooking-group-hosting thing. We really just want real people eating real good food … all the time. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to state them. We want this group to be about you, your kitchen, and your culinary experiences.

Bon Appetit!


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