Tips & Tricks (TNT)

TNT | Cook’s Choice Weekend Coming Up!

Gee Lolly! I got so busy painting my house that I never made it back over to this corner of the internet to post our TNT  for the Cook’s Choice Weekend! Please forgive me. That stroke of the same paintbrush for a week or more can be so mesmerizing … zzz … zzz … zzz.

Truth is that there’s no real tips and tricks (TNTs) to a Cook’s Choice weekend in this group. The biggest tip is that you can cook whatever you want that is somewhat French, from any cookbook, using any ingredients you want … Heck, ya know what? If you want to create a recipe and call it French, you are even free to do that! 🙂

So really what I’m saying is that on our Cook’s Choice weekends, it’s just that … your CHOICE! Cook something new from a different cookbook, make a recipe from our schedule that you didn’t get around to earlier, share a French restaurant experience, a French wine … you get the idea. Yeah, it’s your choice.

Looking forward to reading about what you cooked, ate, drank …  🙂


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