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LYL | Mimi’s Quail Grilled Over Grapevines

LYL-MIMI-400WI’m looking forward to hearing what you guys did with this recipe! Quail was elusive for us, but I did find grapevines.

Please leave the link to your blog post in the comments below along with a note if you’re feeling chatty. If you are cooking with us and don’t have a blog, please comment and let us know what you thought about the recipe!


2 thoughts on “LYL | Mimi’s Quail Grilled Over Grapevines

    1. I can’t imagine what flavor the grapevine would impart but I bet it was good. Nice demo of step by step. I think I’d have to drive up into Michigan to a winery to find grapevine, though doable, just didn’t have time with our customer schedule. This looks soooo good, it is on my list and I know I can get grapevine if I plan ahead into Michigan.


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