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LYL | Daniel’s Swiss Chard Tourte

LYL-DANIEL-400WHow many of you read the title of the recipe, sat back, scratched your head and thought, “Hmm … what does ‘sweet’ have to do with ‘Swiss chard’?!” I know I did!

This is the place to leave the link to your blog where you divulge all the secrets of sweet Swiss chard. 🙂

In the comments below, leave a link to your post and a note if you wish. If you are joining us for this journey without a blog to post to, leave a comment with a few of your thoughts on the dish!


3 thoughts on “LYL | Daniel’s Swiss Chard Tourte

  1. Got mine made a couple of weeks ago, but totally didn’t take any photos! Where was my brain?! Gotta work on a post anyway as it’s definitely worth sharing.


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