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LYL | Daniel’s Gazpacho with Anchovy Toasts

LYL-DANIEL-400WWe are almost halfway into September and I think this is a wonderful time for all things “tomato”. The season is winding down and the last few tomatoes are precious and few, but allow us to hold on just a little longer to the summer days.

How do you feel about cold tomato soup? Personally, I’m a fan and really love the crunch of the fresh veggies that are included. Anchovy toasts? Looking forward to reading your posts!

In the comments below, leave a link to your post and a note if you wish. If you are joining us for this journey without a blog to post to, leave a comment with a few of your thoughts on the dish!


4 thoughts on “LYL | Daniel’s Gazpacho with Anchovy Toasts

  1. Steve’s Link!!

    This was of course delicious as Gazpacho is always a welcome meal. I loved the textures and the Basil really I loved. To puree the soup worked fine in the blender….but I would have had less fuss with the chunked veggies if I’d have used the food processor instead. Note on my posting the big “find” at the grocery that was enjoyed during the prep period with some guilt.


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