Tips & Tricks (TNT)

TNT | Mimi’s Tuna Rillettes

TNT-Mimi2-400WIf you’ve read the recipe, you realize this is not just tuna salad on crackers, right? This is poached tuna belly mixed with other stuff that sounds amazing. Our own Kate Marvel posted on our Facebook page that we should try them five or six times just to be sure they are right. I think she’s a fan. 😉

So where do you get tuna belly? Heck if I know, but when my local grocery store (a local Puget Sound chain of only three stores) didn’t have it, they suggested Asian grocery stores or specialty fishmongers. Oh boy. This could get challenging some of us!

This begs the question: If you can’t find fresh tuna belly to poach, what is a suitable substitute? Do you guys have suggestions? Let’s get this conversation started!

Leave your comments with any tips you have about tuna belly, any recipe hacks you used, tricks you learned while making this recipe. This is the place to ask any questions you have about the recipe, ingredients, process, or tools needed. Anything we can share with one another will only make our experience of cooking together that much better!


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