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LYL | Mimi’s Red Berry Barquettes

LYL-MIMI-400WOh my  … how delicious were these little tartelettes? And simple, too, right? How many different berries did you use? Did you use barquette molds or did you improvise?

I look forward to hearing how you fared with these. 🙂

Please leave the link to your blog post in the comments below along with a note if you’re feeling chatty. If you are cooking with us and don’t have a blog, feel free to comment and let us know what you thought about the recipe!


6 thoughts on “LYL | Mimi’s Red Berry Barquettes

  1. Oh my gosh, y’all – I completely forgot to leave my link when I posted this morning! It’s been a busy but wonderful weekend with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandbaby – so I was a little distracted. But I did make the barquettes – for me, mini pies or tarts because that’s the pan I used. They were delicious! I actually baked the crusts at home and then brought them to my daughter’s house and finished them last night for dessert. They were a hit! I used raspberries and strawberries; I couldn’t find cranberry jelly, so I used seedless raspberry jam. Lots more tips and tricks in my post – hope you enjoy, and I look forward to reading all of yours! http://www.itsokaytoeatthecupcake.com/2015/07/red-berry-barquettes/


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