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TNT | Mimi’s Cherry Clafoutis

TNT-Mimi2-400WI’ve always wanted to make this classic dessert and have no reason to have not yet done so. So happy to finally be FORCED to do it! 🙂

What kind of cherries will you use? Will you leave the pits in the cherries? Don’t forget to tell your guests or family members if you do!

Leave your comments with any tips you have about Cherry Clafoutis or tricks you learned while making it. This is also the place to ask any questions you have about the recipe, ingredients, process, or tools needed. Anything we can share with one another will only make our experience of cooking together that much better!


3 thoughts on “TNT | Mimi’s Cherry Clafoutis

  1. I made this last night and we are having it for dessert this evening in honor of Bastille Day. it looks so pretty! I did pit the cherries (I don’t like having to spit them out while trying to enjoy a bite of dessert, haha). I saw tips online about using a straw to pit cherries, and it really does work! I used a really sturdy reusable straw from one of my plastic thermal drink cups; it’s now been hired permanently as my cherry pitter. Process photos will be in my post, bit I was really happy with how easy it made that part of the prep. It looks and smells delicious!


  2. Pit the dang cherries! Didn’t love having to avoid the stones through the whole thing. Glad to know that Sue had success with the straw! Chopsticks aren’t a great option for the same endeavor. Don’t ask how I know.


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