Tips & Tricks (TNT)

TNT | Daniel’s Skate with Brown Butter and Capers

Welcome to our first Tips and Tricks (TNT) post for Daniel Boulud and Dorie Greenspan’s Café Boulud! We’re so happy you’ve decided to join us on this culinary exploration and hope that you’ll find joy in cooking through this book with us.

Please leave your comments with any tips you have about Skate with Brown Butter and Capers (p. 50) or tricks you learned while making it. This is also the place to ask any questions you have about the recipe, ingredients, process, or tools needed. Anything we can share with one another will only make our experience of cooking together that much better!

IMG_9408-WIn the interest of honoring the original recipe, we’ll always encourage you to make the recipe as it is written and intended. However, we know it’s not always possible given your market, season, and personal dietary requirements.  I already know that I don’t prefer skate and I know that some of you might not know what skate is or might want to make substitutions so here are a couple of links to help you with substitutes for this recipe:

Reasors Seafood Chart

Chefs Resources for Skate Fish and Skate Wings


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